Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ease into the Business World

Perhaps you have finally figured out everything there is to know about life on the college campus, and then comes the work environment.  The following information is provided by the National Association of Colleges and Employers 2009 Job Choices magazine in an article titled "Adapting to Corporate Culture".  You may want to consider using a few of the suggestions given as they are the top ten strategies to help you effectively manage office politics.

1. Know the company culture. It is very important to know how your organization operates. Understanding everything from dress attire to decision-making procedures will help you blend into the company.

2. Never make the boss look bad. Seems a little obvious, huh? Be careful to do everything you can within reason to support your boss and improve his or her image.

3. Identify the people with power. Every company has those that yield more power.  Be sure to develop a good relationship with these people.

4. Be a straight shooter.  You should always follow through with your commitments, and be loyal to everyone within the company.

5. Be visible.  Try not to always be hiding behind your desk.  The more you are out and involved in the company or activities, the more exposure you get.  Staying an extra half hour to work is not a bad thing either.  Usually managers are the ones to stay late which means they will notice your extra work.

6. Be indispensable.  Try to seek key assignments and do such an amazing job on them that your supervisors can not imagine how the business would run without you there.

7. Be accountable.  Account for your own actions.  Never blame others for something that went wrong unless it was clearly not your fault.  Even then, be careful as to how you go about pointing this out.

8. Handle criticism constructively.  Listen carefully to the suggestions that are given to you, and try to make improvements.

9. Listen more than you speak.  You will learn more by listening, and others will then tend to listen to you when you do speak.  You will probably be taken more seriously.

10. Treat everyone with respect and consideration. Be respectful to all employees whether they are above or below you.

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