Monday, May 11, 2009

Succeeding on the Job...

Perhaps you know everything there is to know about school after attending it for seventeen years; however, what do you know about the workplace?  The transition from college into that first job can be a difficult one.  In order to master the assimilation process, pay attention to the following tips from an article written by Ed Holton in the National Association of Colleges and Employers magazine:

Holton suggests that the first year on the job is critical.  Your long term success can depend upon how well you do during your first year in the work world.

First year success strategies:
1. Slow Down
Don't try so hard to impress your colleagues that you are speeding into the process; 
you may end up embarrassing yourself this way.  It is good to understand everything
there is to know about the company before you try and take over.  You need to keep 
open ears and a mouth shut while learning the ropes.
2. Learn the Culture
Unique sets of norms and rules come from a company's particular culture and 
personality.  Some of these are difficult to pick out right away; they are often 
informal.  Watch and learn.
3. Manage a Good Impression
The first impression you make is very important; any time you are starting a new job,
there will be many people within the company watching you.  Read the organizational
environment in order to determine the right way to act.  Be ready to change and learn. 
Have the attitude that you are willing to be the new employee and find your place in 
the company.
4. Learn the Art of Being New
Being the "new person" matters in everything that happens at work.  It may be an 
uncomfortable position to be in; however, you can learn the art of being new.  Accept 
your newcomer role, and understand the importance of the transition period.
5. Manage your Expectations
There is sometimes a gap between expectations and reality for some new hires.  You
must expect to be surprised; the fact is that many parts of your job will not be what
you were expecting.  People skills and teamwork are going to be the best thing you can
bring to the company.
6. Become a Savvy Subordinate
The most important person in your new career is going to be your boss.  What you do 
in the company must support your boss.  Making your boss look good will help you
to succeed in the company.  You have to learn to be a good follower before you will
make a good leader.

Although transitioning from school into work may never be called easy, these important success strategies will help you sail through the process.  Look over them before entering that new job, and you can be sure you will be more informed on not only what your role is, but also how you can succeed in the new workplace.

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