Friday, August 28, 2009

"College-Degree-For-Employment" Talk

Are you one of the thousands of students who has changed your major from something you really enjoy to something you thought would be easier to get a job in? In this economy finding a job and keeping a job seem to be first and foremost on students minds as they evaluate their choice of major.
I often have students ask me which jobs start out at the highest pay. For many that answer will help them to choose their major. There are many factors that go into choosing a major. The reasons are a little different for everyone. It is helpful to talk through your reasoning with a Career Counselor to determine if this major will lead you to a personally fulfilling and successful career.

Choosing a major that is going to be the best fit for your interests and skills has always been important. But, this year the importance of a well rounded education and planning to manage your career through the changing economy has been emphasized by President Kustra in his State of the University address on August 19th.

Copied below are some direct quotes from President Kustra's speech regarding majors and careers.

"The current recession and its impact on jobs and careers reminds us of the importance of offering our students the breadth and depth of programming with choices in academic preparation. I hear parents of students and the students themselves ask more and more these days whether this or that major will lead to employment upon graduation. And I guess you can’t blame them in this tough job market.

But it worries me that we will now focus less than ever on the value of an undergraduate education in providing the student with life-long skills that will stand the test of time, survive the downturns in the economy and guarantee not just the first job, but the second, third and fourth jobs when people are forced—or choose—to switch careers.

I also worry that this college-degree-for-employment talk will prevent students from choosing the major of their first choice—where they may excel—only to take the utility major and struggle with a less interesting experience. How many times have we listened to a student’s tale of woe, choosing the wrong major and then changing to the more appropriate choice later, but adding time and cost to the completion of the degree? And how many of us in college correctly predicted the course of our careers anyway?"

Planning to manage you career through ups and downs in the economy will be key as you get out into the working world.

If you are wondering "What can I do with a major in...." The Career Center has a great resource to help you research that question. Go to http://career.boisestate.edu/WCIDWAMI/Majors/default.html Click on the major you are interested in and read through the suggested careers you might go into for that degree. I guarantee we can find you a variety of career options for any degree offered at Boise State. The key is deciding what you WANT to do.

After all Confucius says, "If you enjoy what you do, you will never work another day in your life"

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