Friday, February 5, 2010

Why am I an Intern?

Last semester, I was overwhelmed by the amount of school work I had. I took five upper division classes and each came with a lovely stack of homework. By the end of the semester I was burnt out and had a difficult decision to make. I was contemplating taking a semester off to recharge. I didn't want to lengthen the time until I receive my degree so I came up with another plan that allowed me to stay in school and recharge at the same time. I decided to do a part time internship. I am taking just three classes besides my internship, and my homework load has become quite manageable. I would be lying if I said this semester has been easy. I wake up every morning at six to get ready for the day. Every day I'm doing something whether it is work, class or my internship from 8 to 5 and some nights until 9. Most nights I have homework to work on or I go to bed early, but already I've enjoyed this semester more than any other semester because of my internship.

Why do I enjoy my internship so much? I work for two senators at the Idaho State Legislature. I spend hours every day in committee meetings or researching laws in other states or reading tax reports. I don't get paid for any of it but it is still the highlight of my day. The work I do every day makes me feel like a part of the process that up until now I have only studied. I have been given the opportunity to see part of what my future career might look like and so far I like the picture. Every day I meet new people who are full of stories about the field I chose to study. Maybe I lucked out. Not everyone who does an internship in their field is bound to like it, but I am glad I took an opportunity to see what my field is like before I dive head first into a career.

There are plenty of other reasons for doing an internship. All the people I meet will be good references later on and this is a very good resume builder. But from one student to another, why should you do an internship? Do it to see if you enjoy it.

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