Friday, July 16, 2010

Likability is Everything

Hopefully you know by now that it’s next to impossible to get a job these days without help from someone else in the form of a referral or a recommendation. Since the jobs that are out there aren’t really being advertised, you’ll have to find out about openings from people you know or can meet. Even when a job is advertised, there will be so much competition that you’ll need somebody at the company advocating for you in order to really stand a chance.

Since the job search comes down to relationships, your likability is everything… and this is NOT the time to go with the “I am who I am, and they’ll either like me or not” approach. If you want people to want to help you, they have to like you, and you are largely in control over whether they do or not. Everybody has likable traits. Everybody also has some not-so-appealing traits. You can choose which of your traits you showcase when interacting with others.

One of the biggest factors we see negatively impacting job seekers’ likeability these days is a negative attitude. This can be a challenge for a lot of job seekers to get under control, especially if you have been looking for a job for awhile and are frustrated. Letting others see that negativity, though, is a big mistake. You can vent to your closest friends and family, but when talking with others, it’s time to muster up all the positivity you can.

While your frustrations with your job search and the economy might be completely justified, coming across as having a negative attitude is just not likeable. No employer wants to hire someone who seems to have a negative attitude, nor will people want to help you by referring you for an open position or introducing you to one of their contacts.

Sometimes when you’re really frustrated, it can come across even when you’re trying to hide it. So don’t just hide your negative attitude, change it. Reframe your job search in a positive way… Remember, there are jobs out there for the people willing to do whatever it takes to get them. Decide to be a top candidate, get out there, meet the right people, be likeable, and you’ll find success.

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