Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Finding and Choosing a Career…

According to an article on the Correct College website (www.correctcollege.com) there are five key steps you must take in order to land that perfect job for you.  We will focus on the first step, which is absolutely crucial.


Knowing yourself:  In order to find the career that will best fit you, you must know some things about yourself.  Sometimes people are too concerned with pleasing others and forget to meet their own needs and desires.  According to the article “How to Discover and Choose the Best Career For You” you should be asking yourself three questions.

1)   What are you passionate about? What do you really love to do? What do you really care about?

2)   What are you natural talents? What comes easy to you? What are your strengths?

3)   What is your personality type? Some jobs may seem attractive to you at first, but just may not fit who you are.  Do you like to work in groups or alone? Are you expressive or closed?  Are you easy going or do you need a set schedule?


Now you are probably wondering how to find the answers to these questions.  While the last may need to be researched, you can get started on the first two by simply starting a list.  Once you have developed a list, it may be a good idea to ask people you are close to how they would answer the questions about you.  Parents, friends, and possibly coworkers may provide you with some of the answers you are looking for. 

The third question will probably take a little bit more work.  Numerous books give information on personalities; however the most helpful tool might be a personality test.  The Myers-Briggs personality test is an excellent aid to discovering what career may best fit your personality. 

The Career Center provides a Myers-Briggs assessment for $15.00.  In order to schedule an appointment, call the Career Center at 426-1747.

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