Monday, November 10, 2008

Need A Job?

If you are a current student or are even an alumni here at Boise State University and you are in desperate need of a job; look no further. Boise State's Career Center has an easy access program called Bronco Jobs for all students looking for an on campus job that is either a part time or full time, summer, temporary, or work study position. Bronco Jobs can even be useful for alumni looking for a specific career according to their degree. Need help? Just follow the following steps:

1) First go to your bronco web home page. On the right hand side of the web page there should be a column of links to other specific web sites. You will be looking the the Bronco Jobs links which should be the 7th link down from the top of the column. Once you have located the link click on it.

2) Now you should be at the Boise State's Career Center web site. If you look to the left hand side of the web page you will again find a column of link choices. The link you will want to choose this time is Students and Alumni. When you have located this link click on it. 

3) The next web page that you will be directed to is the Information for Students and Alumni web page. Here you will look for the Employment Services headline. If you are a current degree seeking student here at BSU you will want to click on the bullet labeled Student Employment - part time, summer, temporary, work study and full time employment. If you are an alumni to BSU you will want to click on the bullet labeled Career Employment. It would also be a good idea to check out all the other information that is given to you under the rest of the bullets. The BSU Career Center has very good information to help you with you're job search. 

4) After choosing you're desired bullet of choice you will again be directed to another website (don't worry you are almost done). Here on this web page you will want to click on the bullet labeled Bronco Jobs. This bullet will lead you to the actual Bronco Job web page.

5) The next step for you to do is to register for Bronco Jobs. To do this you must know you're new Boise State email address (ex. name@u.boisestate.edu) and you will also need to know your student ID number. If you are having difficultly remembering these then just give the Career Center a call at (208)426-1747.

6) Finally after you have finished your registration form you might have to wait up to twenty-four hours before you are sent a confirmation email from Bronco Jobs. Once you do get the confirmation email you will be given a temporary password to use to access your account. 

After finishing all of these steps you are now ready to embark on the journey of finding a job. If there are any questions or you need any help feel free to contact the Boise State's Career Center at (208)426-1747. Good luck job hunting! 

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