Monday, November 17, 2008

On Campus Interviews

In addition to BroncoJobs the Career Center also offers On Campus Interviews. An on 
campus interview is just that. Employers conduct interviews in rooms set aside at the Career 
Center. You don't even have to go driving around looking for the business, they come to you! Interviews usually go on most of the day so you can go to class and then walk over after for your interview. All of the on campus interviews are scheduled through BroncoJobs. Also, a list of upcoming on campus interviewers is on the Career Center's website (career.boisestate.edu). Applications procedures are specific to each employer. It is up to the employer to decide if they still want to interview someone who didn't submit all of the application materials. Make sure to note when application deadlines are as they can be up to two weeks before the actual interview. For position and applications details log into BroncoJobs. 

There are certain times when employers are going to be looking to hire. There is the fall recruiting season and the spring season. The fall recruiting season is usually from October to December. The spring season is from February to May. The fall recruiting season is just about over for this year, but there are still some employers coming in the next few weeks. Check the Career Center's website to see who is left. This fall season the Career Center has 29 employers scheduled to do on campus interviews, so about ten a month this season. The spring season is yet to be determined, but you can count on the Career Center aiming to beat the number from the fall season. 

So if you're looking for a job, get on BroncoJobs and start looking for a convenient on campus interview. Hurry! There are still many on campus interviews left!

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