Wednesday, November 19, 2008

You're a What? (Jobs You've Never Heard Of)

Dying fruit in the grocery store?  Testing how well deodorant works?  It may surprise you to find out these particular jobs exist!  Although we have all heard of lawyers, doctors, and policemen, there's a good chance we know very little about several jobs listed in the article "37 Weird Jobs that You Can Actually Make a Living At."  This interesting post can be found on the website jobprofiles.com.  While not all 37 jobs will be listed, the following job titles and descriptions may amaze, shock, or even confuse you.
  • Odor Tester: This chemist must make sure all deodorants and anti-perspirants are working against odors.  We can be thankful someone finds out first that a deodorant doesn't work and not us as we interview for our dream job.
  • Citrus Fruit Dyer: There may be a reason the fruit at the grocery store is so colorful.  Some commercial farmers actually die fruit a more vibrant color to help with its ripeness.
  • Cheese Sprayer: Sounds weird enough right? These people tend the machines that spray cheese or butter on popcorn or other small food items.  The exact amount of cheese or butter must be poured into the large mixing kettle before it is sprayed on the food.
  • Snake Milker: Thankfully these people know what they are doing!  This job involves getting the venom out of snakes in order to make anti-venom in order to aid those of us that unfortunately get bitten.
  • Rodeo Clowns: Next time you attend a rodeo, just remember that clown is getting paid!  Can you imagine traveling around and performing as a clown at various rodeos while nearly getting trampled by angry bulls?
  • Furniture Tester: I know what you're thinking, who wouldn't want to get paid to sit in a comfy recliner? However, there is much more to the job.  These people test the furnitures durability and strength, materials, functioning drawers, flammability, ect.
  • Cartoon People/ Mascots: I hate to break it to you, but the last time you went to Disneyland, it wasn't really Snow White you were getting your picture taken with.  Soem people have an entirely different identity at work.  These people make a living by wearing princess dresses and taking pictures with children.
  • Braille Translator: This person translates text into Braille for the blind.  These texts can include novels, music, textbooks, and brochures.  Sounds like a very monotonous job; however, it is an excellent and important tool.
  • Dice Inspector: A lot can be determined by a roll of the dice.  For this reason, someone must inspect the quality of the dice.  Casino dice are called perfect or precision dice because they are manufactured into perfect cubes.  This way the chance of landing on any of the six sides is absolutely equal.
Next time you are dreading going to work, or pondering about your dream job, think about the ones you have just learned about.  They may entice you or simply make you proud to be n a different career path.  Just remember, there are more job options out there than you think!

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