Friday, February 20, 2009

Jobs That Will Disappear or Appear In The Next 20 Years

While reading the news I stumbled upon a very interesting yet far fetched article on forbes.com. The article was all about the jobs that could possibly disappear and appear in the next 20 years. Some of these ideas are a little hard to imagine but once you think about it it strangely makes sense. 
The jobs that could possibly disappear are mainly common low wage jobs with a few exceptions. For example, grocery cashier, film processor, CD store manager, encyclopedia writer, miner, call center representative, fighter pilot, oil wildcatter, construction worker and union organizer. The reason for the possible disappearance of these jobs is because of better and more developed technology. The depletion of these jobs makes sense because we have grocery lines where we can scan and bag our own groceries and then pay the machine and be on our way. We also have Ipods which is much easier than going out and buying CDs and we  also have developed computers that can now navigate and develop blue prints.
Some of the jobs that could possibly be around in the next 20 years or more are the hard ones to imagine. They say that we will more than likely need gene screeners. Certain technicians who can collect and analysis DNA from people. This would kind of be like a drug test and they would more than likely use this gene screen before hiring a potential employee. Another job could be quarantine enforcer. This is basically what you imagine when you hear the job title; someone who enforces the deadly sick people to stay in a neighborhood or building. Just like you see in the movies. There is also the idea of drowned city specialist. The description for this job is a specialist who can rescue and relocate houses to higher grounds during the disaster of a flood. The article also said that there could be use of Animal Guardians. This job description is of someone who would basically be a lawyer for a certain specie of animal, like a gorilla. The reason behind this is because people through out the states are trying to classify some animal species as "humans". There is also talk about a hydrogen fuel station manager. Its been talked about lately that hydrogen could be the next cost competitor to gasoline. If this were to happen it would create a lot more factory jobs that would require new and used skills. 
The more of the far fetched jobs that could possibly appear would be teleport specialist, space tour guides, hollywood holygrapher, and dirigible pilots. I highly believe that these last four jobs won't be available for the job market in the next 20 years. If you are curious about this article or want to know more about the job positions that I just described the website for the article is: http://articles.moneycentral.msn.com/CollegeAndFamily/MoneyInYour20s/BestandWorstPayingJobs.aspx
Just scroll down to the bottom of the web page and look for the box that is titled More Of Forbes and MSN Money.

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