Monday, February 2, 2009

Need More Career Exploration?

Are you confused about your current major? Or do you think your major you are pursuing is just not for you except you don't know where to go from there? Well at the Boise State Career Center you have a few options to help you out.

As of right now we offer two different types of career planning/ decision-making process tests. The first test looks at your interests, skills and values and is called the Discover test. This test is quite simple and takes about thirty minutes. Once you have completed the test it will provide you with job positions that best fits your interests, skills and values. There is no charge to complete this test.

The second test is called the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). This test is more focused on your personality preferences. The main purpose of this test is to help you discover personality type and how if affects you career choice, your career exploration, and your career development. It will also provide you with a list of the top ranking careers that match your personality type. However there is a fifteen dollar charge to take this test but it is well worth it!

After taking these tests you will need to further explore your potential career areas by researching more occupational information. A good start would be looking for any related majors or training programs, the length of training required, expected salary range and schools that offer that program/training. You may also think about visiting several other websites that can also help with your research:

Career Information Databases:

If you would like to take these a test or tests call the career center today at (208)426-1747 to schedule an appointment. Also don't forget about our advising fair coming up on the 17th on February!

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