Friday, February 6, 2009

Graduating this year?

Like many other graduates you might be dreading graduation. Fearful that there will be no jobs available once you receive your degree. Well keep that chin up because there are jobs out there. Sure, the job market might be a little more competitive, but positions are available. Here are just a few careers that are on the rise in these coming years and that happen to have pretty nice salaries too. 

1. Actuaries- 60% work in insurance industries crunching numbers to determine risks in pension plans, insurance coverage, or investment strategy. A high math capability and financial savvy will be needed, but many also only possess a bachelor's in math, business, or statistics. This could be a quick way to get on your feet. 
Median income-$95,420. High- $145,600. 24% rise in positions projected from 2006-2016.

2. Marketing Managers- Lead marketing campaigns by finding potential customer bases for products and services and keep track of what the competition is doing. You can enter with as little as an associate's degree in business, finance, or marketing, but of course the more figures you want on your paycheck the more school you'll have to finish. Those with MBA's had the highest figures. Median income-$104,000. High- $150,000 and up. 12% rise in positions projected from 2006-2016. 

3. Computer software Engineers- Many often begin their careers after completing an online associate's course in programming or IT systems. Some starting salaries can reach up to the $90,000 range. But just like most jobs, to get more, you have to work more. The highest earners made a little over $130,000. That is, those with a bachelor's degree and a little more. The job outlook is great here with an estimated 38% rise in positions from 2006-2016. 

These are only a few positions that can be promising in the rough times ahead. There are many more out there. So start looking! 

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