Monday, February 9, 2009

How to create job opportunities...

With all the talk about the horrible economy, many May 2009 graduates are feeling slightly hopeless in regards to finding a first job. However, there are simple steps that can be taken in order to improve the chances of obtaining careers even through this unpredictable economy. A blog titled Satisfying Career-Happier Life contains an article titled "2009 Graduates: Tips on getting hired this year". The article states, "An article in CCN Money forecasts grim prospects for the 2009 graduates, it says after graduating next May, college seniors are likely to face the worst job market in 15 years." Because of this disappointing job market it is crucial to use strategies and steps to landing a career.
Some of the tips from the previously mentioned blog are as follows:
Consider an Internship First: Most businesses and employers desire for their newly hired members to have had some kind of internship experience. If an employer has the choice between someone with a year's worth of internship experience verses someone with none, they will most likely go with the first one.
Tap your Parents' Network: Networking is still the most important part of finding jobs, and in order to locate more connections, check with your parents. Perhaps they know someone that is experienced in your field that either knows about possible job openings or can help you with your resume.
Be Ready to Relocate: While you may be totally comfortable living where you are currently, it may not be a bad idea to expand your horizons at this time. Apply several different places because you never know what opportunities may await you.
Research and Resources: There are numerous books out there written about different jobs and fields. Also, since the interent is so extensive in this age, it would not be a bad idea to begin researching online what is out there. Use your University Career Center resources by either visiting the center or going to their website. Please visit the Boise State University's Career Center website at career.boisestate.edu.


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