Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Coldwater Creek coming to the Career Fair

It is important to come to the Career Fair prepared! We asked Amber Bertolucci, Corporate Recruiter for Coldwater Creek, to share some advice on how students can prepare to attend the Career Fair. Below, are the suggestions she shared with us.

A few things that I appreciate in a candidate can be found below:

- Do research on the company, the product we sell, and our location.
- Always have a fresh clean copy of your resume available to hand out.
- If you are a Creative major I like to see samples of portfolios (pictures that can be attached to the resume for reference later).
- Professional appearance
- Have an idea of what internship you are interested when you reach the booth.

We are excited to have Coldwater Creek on campus for our 2010 Career Fair to be held on Wednesday, February 24th. They are an excellent Idaho based retailer. The headquarters for Coldwater Creek are located in Sandpoint. At the fair they will be recruiting for a number of internships that will be located in Sandpoint for the summer. Go to http://career.boisestate.edu/careerfair.htm and click on the link to 'research companies attending the fair' to read more about Coldwater Creek as well as other companies registered to attend the fair.

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