Thursday, February 25, 2010

Carrots and Koozies

I’m sure you’ve all seen that image of a rabbit with a carrot, on a string, in front of its nose, its always working towards a goal but can never catch it. Sometimes college feels like that, especially if you realize that your degree is in a field you don’t want to work in, then you end up like me, going to school for seven years. I’ve always been working my way towards that metaphorical carrot knowing, in the back of my mind, that it is still, and always will be, just out of reach. But that all changed when I went to the Career Fair yesterday. I got excited. Companies actually showed interest in me, not just their standard smile and a handshake, but genuine interest. Now, not only can see my “carrot” but I can catch it. I know I’m going to have a job right out of college and that’s awesome considering the fact I get to start repaying my freshman year student loans next month.

For everyone that didn’t go to the Career Fair because you’re, “a freshman” or you’re not an “engineering or business major” or for whatever reason, you really missed out. Not only did the Career Fair give me a huge boost to my confidence but my drinks will always be cold thanks to the Sherwin-Williams can koozie that I scored.

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