Thursday, March 19, 2009

Boise Young Professionals

The job market getting you down? Looking for some help sharpening your skills? 

Well if your over the age of 21 then keep reading! 

In 2006 the Boise Chamber of Commerce created the Boise Young Professionals. It is a networking group that has over 800 members currently from 400 different companies. It was created to attract new and retain existing young talent in the area. Its members are from a wide array of careers: From attorneys, entrepreneurs, engineers, to artists, non profit workers and many more. The goal of the BYP is,"to attract, develop and retain a talented workforce in the Boise Valley by connecting, empowering and engaging young professionals." They hold networking functions, monthly events, community service projects, and bring in many different guest speakers. BYP has three core areas that it focuses on for all of its members: Professional and Leadership Development, Community and Civic Involvement, and Events and Networking. Aside from all of the professional events and meetings, members also go out to casual dinners and fun evenings together. It is a great way to bond with people of your same interests and have fun at the same time. 

Networking. It is one of the most crucial things any job seeker at the moment should be doing. As the saying goes, "its not how much you know, but who you know."Growing your network of friends, acquaintances, colleagues can help you immensely in this time of job shortage. Joining a networking group such as the Boise Young Professionals is an easy way to increase the amount of people you know that can potentially benefit you and in turn increase your chances at landing a job this year. This is just one great group you can join. There are many others that might be more suitable to your liking, you just have to look. So if you haven't started improving your network and are looking for a job, get on it! Check the BYP and other networking groups out; They might just be the extra help you need. 

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