Monday, March 16, 2009

How To Be Successful at Winning a Job

Before a big interview do you get nervous? Do you forget what to say? Or maybe do you get tongue-tied and show that you aren't confident due to our struggling economy? Well here a a couple steps to helping you become successful at winning the job.
Step 1: sell results instead of your skills!
- Explain the ways that your skills transfer from the past and present jobs instead of just giving your potential employer a list of your skills. 
- Then ask yourself before the initial interview "How am i an asset to their company?" so when they possibly ask you the same question you wont hesitate. 
2) define yourself well:
- Explain yourself in a concise statement or even in a sentence. For example, tell:
- who you are
- your biggest strength
- the biggest benefit that you bring to the employer
- Also again ask yourself what you can do for this employer that your competitor's can't. When doing so include your skills, experiences, and talent and turn them into a selling position for the employer.
With these few steps added into your interviewing process it will impress your potential employer and possible gain you a new job. Good luck!

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