Monday, March 9, 2009

Podcasts...Check 'em out!

Ever wondered what the Career Center is all about? 

You might have too much going on to stop by the career center or you might've looked on the website, but couldn't get a real good idea of what's going on at the career center. Well, now you don't just have to read about what's going on; check out the podcasts and see what's happening. The Career Peers have created short videos about the career center: All of its resources, events, and other helpful videos. Some of the helpful videos already up are on: Internships, Interviews, BroncoJobs, Intro to the career center and more. These videos can help explain some of the resources more in depth and give helpful tidbits. They can be reached easily two different ways.
The first is going directly to the itunesU website at:


Then sign in with your broncoweb account username and password. Go to the career center page and click on any of the videos. 

You can also view them by going to the career center's web page at:


There will be a link to the itunesU page and after clicking on it just follow the same steps as above. 

So go check out the podcasts, they're there to help!

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