Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Is the Economy So Scary You Are Thinking of Continuing Your Schooling?

Is the economy starting to scare you? Are you beginning to think that staying in school or applying for graduate school is starting to look like a good plan for your future? These questions are a continuing annoyance to current college students who are graduating or preparing to graduate.Now that the economy is taking a huge turn for the worse and the job market is becoming more and more competitive, a larger number of students are planning on attending graduate school in hope of receiving a master's degree. The most frequently asked questions are will this hurt or better their credentials? And will is possible that a master's degree can grant me a higher paying salary?To answers these questions; of course gaining a master's degree would better your credentials! Not only will it do that but it could also help you in a hiring process. After completing graduate school you can finally apply that information to your resume. What this can maybe do is help you stand out more to an employer who is looking over your resume, rather than someone who had only received a bachelor's degree.Receiving a master's degree can also boost your salary depending on the nature of the job. According to CBSalary.com these career salaries can be affected depending on which degree you obtain:

Degree type: Accounting:
-Bachelor's degree: $45,893
-Master's degree: $50,468
-Related careers: accountant, auditor, bookkeeping clerk, tax examiner, budget analyst, loan officer

Degree type: Art:
-Bachelor's degree: $34,460
-Master's degree: $43,112
-Related careers: art director, illustrator, animator, multimedia artist

Degree type: Biochemistry:
-Bachelor's degree: $38,511
-Master's degree: $46,921
-Related careers: agronomist, forensics specialist, geneticist, pharmacologist, environmental scientist

Degree type: Chemistry:
-Bachelor's degree: $45,385
-Master's degree: $56,617
-Related careers: waste management specialist, technical writer, science technician, food scientist

Degree type: Computer programming:
-Bachelor's degree: $50,985
-Master's degree: $72,515
-Related careers: computer systems analyst, computer programmer, computer scientist, computer systems designer

Degree type: Economics:
-Bachelor's degree: $47,326
-Master's degree: $63,429
-Related careers: economist, loan officer, financial manager, reporter

Degree type: Elementary teacher education:
-Bachelor's degree: $33,242
-Master's degree: $43,997
-Related careers: Any position within an elementary school

Degree type: Engineering:
-Bachelor's degree: $54,181
-Master's degree: $69,752
-Related careers: engineering technician, sales engineer, civil engineer, architect, drafter

Degree type: Finance:
-Bachelor's degree: $41,446
-Master's degree: $50,468
-Related careers: insurance underwriter; budget analyst; securities, commodities and financial services sales agent

Degree type: Foreign languages and literatures:
-Bachelor's degree: $37,113
-Master's degree: $43,112
-Related careers: teacher, writer, interpreter

Degree type: History:
-Bachelor's degree: $37,340
-Master's degree: $43,112
-Related careers: archivist, curator, librarian, researcher, political aide

Degree type: Human resources management:
-Bachelor's degree: $37,874
-Master's degree: $56,094
-Related careers: compensation and benefits; training and development; employment, recruitment and placement specialist

Degree type: Science management:
-Bachelor's degree: $49,116
-Master's degree: $70,668
-Related careers: operational researcher, investment analyst, market research analyst, transportation planner, systems analyst

Degree type: Mathematics:
-Bachelor's degree: $50,582
-Master's degree: $57,471
-Related careers: statistician, mathematician, actuary, cost estimator

Degree type: Philosophy:
-Bachelor's degree: $34,163
-Master's degree: $43,112
-Related careers: professor, lawyer, policy analyst, lobbyist, critic

Degree type: Physical sciences:
-Bachelor's degree: $31,258
-Master's degree: $69,842
-Related careers: animal scientist, hydrologist, meteorologist, engineer, fish and game warden

Degree type: Psychology:
-Bachelor's degree: $35,085
-Master's degree: $37,528
-Related careers: probation officer, correctional treatment specialist, career counselor, health educator, outreach coordinator

Degree type: Sociology:
-Bachelor's degree: $36,905
-Master's degree: $38,749
-Related careers: social worker, sociology teacher, market researcher, school counselor, public policy analyst

This list contains data taken from CareerBuilder and SalaryExpert research, and represent starting salary offers for recent graduates in 2008. So if you are unsure if graduate school is good for you; go and speak to your career counselor today!

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